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Don't be afraid to ask me ANYTHING! Even if it's not astrology related. Oh & did I mention I'm a scorpio?(;

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Zodiac Signs: Disney Ladies


Aries: Jasmine

Taurus: Snow White

Gemini: Mulan

Cancer: Cinderella

Leo: Giselle

Virgo: Jane

Libra: Aurora

Scorpio: Megara

Sagittarius: Merida

Capricorn: Nani

Aquarius: Belle

Pisces: Ariel

There were a bunch of other lovely ladies that couldn’t be included due to there being only twelve slots. Sorry if I missed a favorite of yours.

The Signs Stuck in a Tree

Aries:Jumps straight down because why da hell not
Taurus:Throws fruit down at other people. No one would know it's them
Gemini:Laughs about the situation until the branches break under their big ass
Cancer:Calls for Mommy, like always
Leo:Tries to get down by themselves carefully to avoid embarrassment, falls, gets driven to the hospital, makes the front page of the local news. Not such a bad idea after all
Virgo:It's okay, Virgo is alright because they brought a chair up while they were climbing the tree. They had a feeling they were going to get stuck, but they're fine. They can now wheel down to safety
Libra:Can't decide whether or not to just spend the night there
Scorpio:Forms a secret tree house club with the squirrels and ants
Sagittarius:PANIC! Screams like a siren until the whole neighborhood helps them down
Capricorn:Starts a company. Becomes CEO. Rules world
Aquarius:Slips on an old pair of sunglasses that was on a branch and manages to cartwheel down
Pisces:Takes a nap
http://astrolocherry.com/post/93073720475/i-dont-think-you-have-to-question-the-genuineness →


i dont think you have to question the genuineness of a scorpio in a friendship. kind of like virgo. a scorpio wouldnt bother keeping in contact or uttering a word to you unless they were fascinated, charmed or feel they have something to learn from you. they just don’t bother with people that are…

Taylor Swift songs for the Zodiac Signs


Aries: The way I loved you

Taurus: Mine

Gemini: Dear John

Cancer: Red

Leo: Treacherous

Virgo: All Too Well

Libra: Tell Me Why

Scorpio: Better Than Revenge

Sagittarius: Sparks Fly

Capricorn: Story of Us

Aquarius: Mary’s Song

Pisces: Last Kiss

The First Twelve Rules Of The Zodiac


#1. Don’t smother an Aries

#2. Don’t rush a Taurus

#3. Don’t bore a Gemini

#4. Don’t belittle a Cancer

#5. Don’t ignore a Leo

#6. Just don’t.

#7. Don’t tell a Libra what to do

#8. Don’t lie to a Scorpio

#9. Don’t be uptight with a Sagittarius 

#10. Don’t be unintelligent with a Capricorn 

#11. Don’t lack a sense of humanity with an Aquarius 

#12. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not with a Pisces

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